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Easy DIY Brass Planter

Hey Everyone, Carrie Bishop from River Rose Flower Company. Today I am going to show you how to put together an fun brass planter with mini succulents. If you don't have a brass container, you can substitute it for a ceramic container or anything that is not see through. Let's get started!

Supply List:

Brass Container (I always find mine at thrift shops)

A Bag of Spanish Moss

3-6 mini succulents

2-3 plastic bags

1-2 sheets of paper towel

Optional: BBQ skewer and a mini card

First step is to clean out your container and line it so the brim of the pot is level to the top of the container. I start off with a layer or two of paper towels and then I use typically one to two plastic bags to get the height that I need.

Second step is to space out your plants. Making a triangle always helps me space out my plants properly. If your container is round you can do the same thing.

The final step is to cover over your smaller containers with Spanish Moss. This will make it look like you bought it from a florist shop.

If you want to add a personal note, you can make or use a small note take, and attach it to half of a BBQ skewer, by poking a small hole with a needle.

Here is an example of a ceramic containers. I love to collect McCoy planters. Most of mine are different shades of green. McCoy was a popular manufacture of ceramic planters in the 1960s and 70s. McCoy planters are always fun to put plants in or to design a floral centerpiece in. You can sometimes find them in thrift stores or in antique malls.

If you are a container junkie like myself, then you probably have a collection of: milk glass, depression glass, McCoy Pottery, and other fun types of floral containers.

My current favorite is brass. Which type of floral container is your favorite?-Carrie

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